Abilities, playstyle, weapons, synergies, counters, lore. Astra is a controller agent in “Valorant” known for her powerful abilities that allow her to control the battlefield and support her team.

General Description

Astra is a controller agent that can manipulate the battlefield with her powerful abilities. She is unique among Valorant agents in that her abilities require her to place stars on the map, which she can then activate to create a variety of effects such as smokes, flashes, and gravity wells.

Astra Abilities

Astra has four abilities that revolve around her ability to place stars on the map and activate them. Her Nebula ability creates a smoke screen, while her Gravity Well creates an area of low gravity that slows enemies. Her Nova Pulse ability creates a concussive blast that can disorient enemies, and her ultimate ability, Astral Form/Cosmic Divide, allows her to teleport to any star on the map and create a barrier that blocks enemy fire and reduces the sound of enemy footsteps.

Astra Playstyle

Astra is a highly versatile agent that can be played in a variety of ways. Her ability to control the battlefield makes her a valuable asset in any team composition, and her ability to teleport across the map makes her highly mobile. Astra is best played in a supportive role, providing cover for her team and controlling key areas of the map with her abilities.

Astra Weapons

As a controller agent, Astra does not have any unique weapons associated with her kit. However, she is best played with weapons that complement her playstyle, such as long-range rifles and pistols that can be used to cover her team from a distance.

Astra Synergies

Astra works well with agents who can complement her abilities and provide additional cover for her team. Agents such as Brimstone, Viper, and Omen can all work well with Astra, providing additional smokes and cover that can be used to control the battlefield.


Astra can be countered by agents with abilities that can bypass her smokes and gravity wells, such as Jett or Phoenix. Additionally, agents with abilities that can destroy her stars, such as Sova or Raze, can also pose a threat to Astra’s ability to control the battlefield.


Astra is a Nigerian agent who possesses the ability to harness the energy of the cosmos. She was once a member of a powerful Nigerian family but was ostracized when her powers manifested. Astra now uses her powers to fight for her own goals, rather than those of her former family.

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