Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore.  Alistar is a sturdy tank and support champion in the popular game “League of Legends.” Born in the mountains of Demacia, he is a fierce minotaur with incredible strength and endurance.

General Description

Alistar‘s abilities revolve around crowd control and disruption, making him a potent initiator in team fights. He can knock up multiple enemies with his “Pulverize” ability, and follow up with his “Headbutt” to further disrupt the enemy team. He also has a powerful ultimate, “Triumphant Roar,” which provides a heal to himself and nearby allies.

In addition to his crowd control abilities, Alistar also has strong peel potential, making him a valuable asset for protecting his allies. He can use his abilities to shield allies from incoming damage, and also provide a burst of movement speed to help them escape danger.

Alistar Build and Runes

Alistar struggles against burst damage dealers, as his tankiness can only do so much to protect him from high damage abilities. To counter this, he benefits from items such as Warmog’s Armor or Spirit Visage, which increase his durability.

Alistar Synergies

In terms of synergy, Alistar pairs well with champions that can follow up on his crowd control, such as Yasuo or Vayne. He also excels in coordinated play, where his abilities can be used to set up powerful plays for his team.


Alistar hails from the mountains of Demacia, where he was born as a fierce minotaur. Despite his imposing appearance, he was a gentle creature who lived a peaceful life as a farmer until one day his village was attacked by bandits. In a fit of rage, Alistar discovered his immense strength and used it to defend his home and loved ones.

However, his act of violence caught the attention of the Demacian army, who saw him as a potential weapon to be wielded in their wars. Alistar was captured and made to serve as a beast of burden in the army, where he was brutalized and treated as nothing more than a tool.

Over time, Alistar learned to harness his inner strength and used it to resist his oppressors. He broke free from his shackles and wandered the land as a nomad, using his powers to protect the innocent and bring justice to those who would do harm.

In the Rift, Alistar is known for his crowd control abilities and tankiness, making him a valuable asset in team fights. He is a relentless force on the battlefield, using his strength to protect his allies and bring down his enemies.



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