Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Aatrox is a powerful and feared champion in League of Legends.

General Description, Build and Runes

He is a melee fighter known for his high damage output and unique resurrection ability, “World Ender.” Aatrox’s kit is focused on dealing massive physical damage and sustaining himself in fights through his “Blood Price” and “Blood Thirst” abilities which allow him to gain increased attack speed and healing. His “Dark Flight” allows him to close gaps with enemies and “Blade of Torment” is a ranged skillshot that deals damage and slows down enemies. Aatrox is a great choice for players who enjoy playing aggressive and dominant champions. His kit allows him to initiate fights, deal massive damage and sustain himself, making him a strong laner and a key contributor to his team’s success. He is also a great pick when playing in a team composition that focuses on diving the backline and taking down the squishy targets of the enemy team.

Aatrox Synergies

Aatrox also has great synergy with other champions that have strong engage abilities, like Amumu, Alistar and Malphite. His “Dark Flight” can be followed up by their abilities to initiate a fight, while his high damage output can help them to quickly take down the enemy carries. Overall, Aatrox is a champion that demands respect from his enemies and can quickly turn the tide of a game with his aggressive playstyle and powerful abilities. He is a great pick for players who enjoy playing champions that can dominate the battlefield and lead their team to victory.

Aatrox Lore

Aatrox is a champion in League of Legends with a rich and complex lore. He is an ancient and powerful warrior who was once a member of the Darkin, a race of powerful beings who waged war against the world of Runeterra. Aatrox is known as the “World Ender,” due to his ability to resurrect himself and his reputation as an unstoppable force of destruction.

According to the lore, Aatrox was once a noble and respected warrior, but his desire for power led him to make a deal with an ancient being known as “The Bloodharbor Ripper,” which granted him immense strength but also corrupted his soul. He and his kin, the Darkin, fought against the other races of Runeterra and nearly succeeded in destroying the world, but were ultimately defeated and sealed away.

Aatrox’s resurrection ability, “World Ender,” is a reference to his role as the leader of the Darkin and his desire to end the world. His ultimate ability is a manifestation of the power he gained from his pact, and it allows him to return to life after being killed, at the cost of his own blood.

Aatrox’s actions and motivations are driven by his desire for power and his belief that the only way to achieve true strength is through conflict and destruction. He is often depicted as a ruthless and merciless warrior, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. However, his lore also implies that there is a hint of regret in Aatrox, a hint of sadness and longing for what he once was, a noble warrior.

Aatrox’s lore is one of the most complex and intriguing in League of Legends and his backstory adds depth and complexity to the game’s world. His unique abilities and character design, combined with his complex lore, make him a fan-favorite champion among players.


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