Agent, Map, Weapons, Abilities, Movement, Pathing. Embrace the shadows and instill fear with Omen on the Split map.

Omen Overview

Omen is a mysterious Controller agent with a unique set of abilities focused on disrupting the enemy’s vision and positioning. With the power to teleport and obscure sightlines, he excels at creating chaos and confusion on the battlefield.

Split Overview

Split is a vertical map with two bombsites, A and B, connected by a central area called Mid. It features tight corridors, narrow chokepoints, and elevated positions. For Omen, Split’s tight spaces and abundance of corners provide ample opportunities to exploit the enemy’s line of sight and make game-changing plays.

Omen Recommended Weapons

Omen’s playstyle on Split thrives with versatile weapons that adapt to both aggressive and supportive roles. Consider using the Stinger or Judge for close-range engagements, allowing Omen to control tight angles and surprise unsuspecting foes. As a primary weapon, the Phantom or Operator can capitalize on his ability to reposition and strike from unexpected locations.

Omen Abilities on Split

Q – Shrouded Step: Master Shrouded Step to traverse the map efficiently and gain unexpected angles on enemies. Use it to reposition swiftly or set up surprise attacks on unsuspecting foes.

E – Paranoia: Paranoia is a powerful tool for Omen to disrupt enemy positions and push back defenders. Use it wisely to clear out tight chokepoints or create opportunities for your team to gain control of crucial areas.

C – Dark Cover: Dark Cover, Omen’s signature ability, is perfect for obscuring sightlines and executing strategic plays. Experiment with different placements to cut off enemy vision and provide cover for your team’s rotations.

X – Ultimate, From the Shadows: Omen’s ultimate ability allows him to teleport anywhere on the map. Use it to gather critical information on enemy positions or to surprise enemies by appearing behind them for a devastating flank.

Movement and Pathing

As Omen, embrace the shadows to move stealthily and unpredictably around the map. Utilize Shrouded Step and Dark Cover creatively to outmaneuver enemies and create opportunities for your team. Be mindful of the map’s tight spaces and use Paranoia strategically to clear areas and push the enemy back.


Omen’s playstyle on Split revolves around manipulating the map’s layout and exploiting the enemy’s line of sight. By mastering his teleportation and vision-obscuring abilities, Omen can become a force to be reckoned with, disrupting the enemy’s plans and leading his team to victory.

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