Build, runes, synergies, counters, lore. Kayn is a versatile jungler in League of Legends known for his unique transformation mechanic and exceptional mobility.

General Description

Kayn is a champion with the ability to transform into either the Shadow Assassin or the Rhaast, based on which type of enemy champions he primarily damages. As the Shadow Assassin, he excels at burst damage and assassination, while as Rhaast, he becomes a durable fighter with sustained damage and crowd control. His ultimate ability, Umbral Trespass, allows him to dive into an enemy and become untargetable, dealing damage and healing himself.

Kayn Build

Kayn typically builds items that enhance his damage, sustain, and mobility. Items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Black Cleaver are core to his build as the Shadow Assassin, providing lethality, cooldown reduction, and armor penetration. As Rhaast, items like Sterak’s Gage and Spirit Visage are essential for increased durability and healing. Kayn can also consider mobility items like Edge of Night or Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

Kayn Runes

In the rune tree, Kayn often runs Dark Harvest as his keystone for increased burst damage as the Shadow Assassin. For Rhaast, he can choose Conqueror for sustained damage and healing. In the secondary tree, Sorcery with Nimbus Cloak and Transcendence can provide additional mobility and cooldown reduction.

Kayn Synergies

Kayn synergizes well with champions who can provide crowd control or engage, such as Orianna or Leona. He also pairs well with champions who can burst down enemies quickly, enabling him to transform into the Shadow Assassin faster. Additionally, champions who can peel for him and protect him in team fights, like Lulu or Janna, can enhance his effectiveness.


Kayn can struggle against champions who can invade his jungle and disrupt his farming, such as Lee Sin or Xin Zhao. Additionally, champions with high burst damage and crowd control, like Syndra or Ahri, can pose a threat to him. Kayn’s early game can be weak, and he relies heavily on farming and obtaining transformation orbs to unlock his full potential.


Kayn was once a disciple of the Order of Shadows, but he defied their teachings and sought greater power. He made a deal with the darkin weapon, Rhaast, and became a vessel for its power. Kayn now roams the Rift, seeking powerful opponents to slay and absorbing their essence to strengthen his darkin weapon. He walks the line between light and darkness, constantly struggling to control the power within him.
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